Piqabu EDU wants to help you highlight all that is great about your school or district through...


  • Private School Channels

  • Shine the spotlight on innovative teaching happening around your school or district

  • Give teachers access to on-demand and binge-worthy microlearning to inspire more effective professional learning

  • Create nuggets of inspiration that will fuel meaningful change

Office Hours on Piqabu EDU provides expert ed consultants on-demand, no scheduling necessary! 

Lead a Shared Learning Culture with the Principal Cam! 

Only visible by teachers at your school, the Principal Cam channel allows you to capture what’s happening in classrooms, with short posts of staff and students sharing reflections and musings. It's a place to celebrate the little wins, a way to get teachers to understand the power of sharing, and an opportunity to curate videos worth sharing to Twitter. 

Reboot In-School Professional Learning


According to some teachers, today’s PD and PLCs evoke pain and frustration. Most of those offerings are seen as wasteful, one-size-fits-all, and irrelevant. Piqabu EDU flips all of that upside down.


Imagine a blended PLC, where teachers dive into Piqabu EDU, discover people and ideas they determine are relevant for them and bring those learnings back to the PLC to share. It augments the PLC, making engagement asynchronous and visible, and also more fun and human.

Empower Hour - Real Data About Teacher Growth

This year we'll be working with school leaders to help map the Empower Hour program, due out Fall 2020.  Like genius hour for students, it supports self-directed learning through peer-to-peer interactions on Piqabu EDU.


Whether it's 5 minutes at a time, or an hour session... when logged into Empower Hour from the dashboard, all activities on Piqabu EDU will populate their Empower Hour report. You may have heard from your staff "if we could only get credit for all the time we spend on Twitter!" ... That will be the case come this time next year for work done on Piqabu EDU. 

Office Hours

Just like Uber, when educational consultants are open to consult, they'll be able to turn on their Office Hours app and get to work. In the Office Hours Guide, their promotional post will populate the channel in which they offer services, along with detailed background information.  Simply choose the consultant, and you'll be connected immediately by video or audio calling. 


Office Hours on Piqabu EDU make it easy to use PD funds to pay for live video streaming with consultants and practitioners. You can schedule consultants during PLC time, or get leadership advice from your office any time of day.