Which best describes you as an online sharer?

1)  I enjoy sharing things from my classroom, personal stories, and reflections.

2)  I prefer sharing thoughts on my favorite publications, blogs, and books.

3)  When teachers are in need of advice or support, I like to help. 

Piqabu TV

1)  Piqabu TV is an exciting new way for educators to share their passions, create fun content, invite teachers into their classrooms — for educators by educators. 


Everyone that joins Piqabu EDU has their own channel on Piqabu TV, using it is optional, and there's no prescribed format. Micro-vlogging is an easy way to share ideas and connect with peers. 

Whether you choose to create a show or just use it as a place to reflect, Piqabu TV will provide us with unprecedented access to classrooms across the globe.

The Idea Exchange (I/X)

2)  Have you ever heard a podcast, read a blog or saw a keynote and wished you could share your thoughts with peers or the author/host/speaker? 


And what if we could slow down the frenetic pace of a Twitter Chat and dive deeper with a week-long video-based "slow chat"? 

The I/X guides will contain channels for hundreds of popular education podcasts, blogs, books, keynotes, and all your favorite Twitter chats. It's a place to take what you've learned, and #ShareMore with your peers. 

Ask a Teacher

3)  We all have questions, and often we need advice from educators outside our own school or community.


Ask a Teacher gives you access to expert advice and a friendly ear from educators from around the world — because a teacher 5000 miles away just might be your closest connection.


From new teacher support to veterans looking for help with technology, Ask a Teacher is the place to get real advice from real teachers.